Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Time Project Part 3

I thought back to the idea of being half dead and decided I would explore that theme by photographing objects that are either dead (inanimate but perhaps once lived) or that are literally in half. The idea of being half dead and what that would actually entail fascinated me, perhaps you only have half as many years left as you had before, half your brain and/or body parts would stop working making you behave in a dysfunctional way.

Whilst I found the significance of each image to be quite charged and strong in there own right I decided not to include them alongside the other photos i had taken as they were starting to delve down a different, but nonetheless interesting path. I particularly took pride in the photo of a deer's antler, as it was an object I had found 13 years ago when I  lived in Utah, and it's point could be interpreted in many different ways as it belonged to a now dead creature and is only half of a set of antlers.

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