Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Time project part 4.

As a conclusion for the project I decided to make a book(let?) that contained the most striking photos of places I thought I was going to die. I included a small bit of text of what I could recall from the events, each differing between how it had happened, what the consequences may have been, and how I had felt at the time. I had decided to only include the actual image with no post manipulation done to it, as, whilst I very much liked the photo's I had worked on top of it seemed cleaner and more poignant to include solely the original image along side some abstract text drawn from the memory attached to the image.  

The overall finish of the book a lot but felt if it hand been printed on higher quality photographic paper and properly bound it could have had more finesse to it but the content itself was strong enough that it's presentation not being absolutely perfect was of no great hinderance or consequence.

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