Tuesday, 16 September 2014

 Our second Projects title is "Mirror". I had a variety of different ideas but started my work by looking at John Stezakers work, and how he looked for reflections of people and their features or scenario in old photographs and postcards. I created the several responses shown, mimicking Stezakers style  using old monochrome photographs of famous celebrities from the 1930/40's and old postcards mostly in colour, all found on the internet.

Whilst i enjoy this style of work immensely i feel that currently there is little way for me to expand on this method of work in my own style or to take it in my own preferred direction. I intend to progress to now create a mirror made up from smaller mirrors set at angles, so when a person looks in it they see a fragmented version of themselves, warping the traditional purpose of a mirror of checking ones image to be appealing to the eye and instead presenting it in a distorted and unappealing manner.

On the first day of the course, in groups we were given the task of creating a piece of work in response to the theme of balance. We started off toying with the idea of creating a piece responding to the idea of colour balance but in a more literal manner, however we felt we couldn't create a striking enough shape, and found the outcomes that we did develop were not that striking. 
We Proceeded to make a response using found objects, balancing them on top of each other carefully to achieve an interesting composition. Achieving the correct counterbalance between the different weights of the objects was a fun exercise, but you had to learn to not be afraid to fail and keep finding a new structure that would work after it all came crashing down.