Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Time Project part 2.

I worked on top of several of the images that referenced to places I had fainted and tried to convey how it looks for me when I faint. I then continued to draw my younger self into the area and position I remember being in at the time. I was pleased with these outcomes and I felt the writing on top of some of the images was quite powerful, as I had attempted to make it look and seem as childish/innocent as I could, but like how the text is quite hidden and challenges the viewer to really have to look for it in order to read it.

I drafted many ideas for the images and text down before putting them onto the images as I wanted to make sure the message would be perceived correctly and was strong enough. I liked the way they looked both aesthetically and because it's a collection of many personal memories drafted down and played out on some spare sheets of paper.

After taking the Photographs of the places I could easily travel too I decided to Use Google maps to look for locations of places In America where I could have died also. I was surprised I could get so close to the locations of where they had actually happened and screen shotted them directly from Google maps and printed them and begin working on top of them.

Time Project.

For this project we were given the themes of Border, city and time. I was attracted more to the theme of time as I felt it was a wider ranging subject that I could work myself into more. After thinking about all my own experiences I decided to look back to places where I had fainted or had a near death experience. I included places i had fainted due to the fact that when I was younger i believed that fainting was the same as half dying, as if you had used up half your life, and the next time you were going to faint you would in fact die. I went back to all the places within my immediate area that I had experienced a fear of dying, mostly from fainting or being very nearly hit by a car, and photographed them. I made sure never to photograph them never from my point of view, but always as if I was observing the area I remembered being most from several different angles. In the future I would like to work my memories onto them, to try and convey what I was feeling at the time in order to make them more personal.