Wednesday, 12 November 2014


We had a one day workshop with the theme of "Flight", with the goal being to create something that actually "flies". We initially had the idea of making something similar to a Chinese lantern, which we concluded was probably not safe to create in the studio and was not very imaginative/original. We also decided against using many candles to try and suspend an object such as a paper plane along a certain path or trajectory as it also wasn't particularly safe.

After looking for new materials to experiment with we found a styrofoam board that was really light, which we began to experiment with. We documented the different variations/ models we created, which progressively evolved after each "flight", adding or taking away weight, making it more aerodynamic or adding completely unnecessary parts to it.

This was a fun project that sadly ended with the destruction of the model, but we documented most of it's different forms and have evidence of their flight, no matter how short.

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