Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Final Idea

For my final piece I wanted to use the shape of a human heart as the form I wanted to type out, with the size of it being decided upon being roughly 2A0 (1189 x 1682mm). I thought that the heart would create a powerful image as it is a widely recognised form, which is important to me as i wanted the subject of my piece to be clear as i wanted it to be as important as the process of the production of the image itself. The heart is also relevant to the theme of 'Machines for Living' as the heart is the driving force, the engine, behind the human machine itself.
Images below were my first draft ideas and outlines.

I liked the shape created a lot and decided to try typing it out in photoshop, to get an understanding of what it may look like. I started by typing out 'Muscle Tissue' repeatedly as it is the main material the heart is composed of, and liked the idea of also creating it from 'Muscle Tissue' in text. The image created was bold, especially in red coloured text and i decided to further the image by adding in a vein in a recognisable blue that disrupts the 'Muscle Tissue' text by putting 'Vein' in where appropriate to give the vein form. This began to make me think about what i would be typing over my final image, wether it would be a word, structured sentences or a symbol repeated, leading me to create several more images on photoshop to see what different outcomes may look like.

The single word images of 'beat' and 'pump' created very repetitive linear patterns, with 'pump' looking worse due to it ending and beginning with 'p' which made it less visually engaging. I did like both the 'x' and sentence pieces as they both created engaging work in different ways. The 'x' piece  from a distance begins to blur and just become grey and as you stare longer at it, the contrast between the black and white starts to create a slight trick on the eyes and you begin to see colours. the letter X is also very powerful as it comes with many different associations from the viewer, wether being interpreted as meaning to stop, a cross marking either death and/or religion, kisses, too multiply, or the negative connotations that are associated with a 'x' such as failure. The other image was created by finding a collection of diseases that can affect the heart and having them typed out behind the outline, creating a piece that at first seems more random but as you read further you can piece together fractured sentences, reading the symptoms of such diseases making you feel uncomfortable, which can be important as over 1/4 of deaths annually worldwide are from heart disease. However doing a very large scale piece with this many words typed out on a typewriter would take an immense amount of time that i feel in comparison with the relative ease of repeating one character may not be as strong.

The scale of the image was important to me as I wanted the size of an image achieved with a typewriter to be impressive, so i decided to create my first test print piece done on the computer to be done A0 (841 x 1189). 
Included is an image of all the components that were printed.

The image was clear enough but i had failed to realise that the printer leaves nearly a 1cm blank border surrounding an image, which meant some parts were missing and didn't quite link up perfectly, as well as the presentation leaving it looking quite rough as i just used masking tape that i double sided. It also felt slightly underwhelming in size so i decided to double it too nearer 2A0 (1189 x 1682) in size using a4 sheets. Too prevent parts rom being missed I made sure to print slightly more than I needed meaning i will use 36 sheets of A4 for the final image.
Print plan depicted below.

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